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Color Conscious Living offers interior design services to the Capital Region.


Not in the Capital Region? Not to worry. Color Conscious Living also offers e-design services nation wide.


Whether you're looking for full-service design or a virtual transformation, book a complementary call with Mehnaz to discuss your objectives & goals, and find out how Color and Design Psychology can elevate not just your space but your wellbeing, health and happiness!


Erin McKay, CIE


“I actually have a couple of friends that are interior designers, and I know that they could help me build a lovely office, but it still might not be the ideal set up and layout and colors and type of furniture to help me specifically work better.”


Most of us look at color and say “oh I like that” or “I don’t like that”. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best for us and the function of our space.


I knew that colors strongly impact how we think and feel, but I didn’t have the background knowledge to make the assessment myself. Also, it’s important for me to have a place that’s conducive to work and where I’m able to focus. And my office environment wasn’t the best, so I invested the time and money to understand the psychology of color, furniture and environment specifically for my personality, so I could create a space where I’ll be the most productive.


I actually have a couple of friends that are interior designers, and know sure that they could help me build a lovely office, but it still might not be the ideal set up and layout and colors and type of furniture to help me specifically work better. And this is why I chose the 1-on-1 color transformation, as opposed to other options out there because it is based on the psychology of color and not on what’s trending right now and what we see in magazines.


The best feature of the 1-on-1 color consultation is the report that is generated at the end. It includes the specific colors for my personality type with actual paint names. Not only it included the main and secondary colors, but also the accent colors. Which means that I didn’t have to put in any effort figuring out color combinations that looked the best together.


I’m very aware that where we sit in the room, and the orientation to natural light and room exits, make a difference in how we function, but I didn’t know how to do it correctly. The layout I have now gives me a much better space to work in.

I also enjoyed learning what every color and design element means and how it impacts us. Therefore, I now know what materials, finishes and texture to look for when I’m shopping and what is not going to work for my personality and my space. 


Because of the awareness I have now, shopping has become so easy. I’m no more overwhelmed by huge variety available on the market, because I know exactly what I’m looking for and what will perfectly work for me. No more guessing.

I would highly recommend the 1-on-1 consultation because it is specific to who you are as a person and what your needs are. A space that just looks good is not necessarily conducive to having a good work environment. It is important that you understand the psychology of every color in your space and the impact of your space on the subconscious mind and your productivity.


Sherri Smith, Interior Designer

Mehnaz's standout attribute beside her beautiful personality is her outstanding knowledge and skills in Colour Psychology. As an Interior Designer I already had a basic knowledge of colour psychology, but Mehnaz takes this area of expertise to a whole new level. She really opened my eyes and mind to the subconscious impact colour has on our mental and emotional wellbeing. 


Theresa Cesare, Lifestyle Strategist

I learned that no matter how much you meditate, eat well and do all the inner work, color in your surroundings can still be a factor that impacts your happiness from the inside out. I’m now more intentional when it comes to choosing color in all areas of life. My home is now more balanced; I finally have a nurturing space. I highly recommend working with Mehnaz whether it’s attending one of her courses or hiring her to help Create a home that is full of peace and emotional well-being.


Christina Lucarini, Registered Nurse/Health Coach
New Mexico/Health Coach

Mehnaz is highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and makes it easy to understand and exciting. You’ll have many “aha” moments and you’ll see the benefits in your life after implementing what you’ve learned from her. 

I absolutely recommend to work with Mehnaz to use color psychology to create a stress-free and restful home to enhance your mental/emotional wellbeing!

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