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This is for you, if you want a qualified professional always by your side while you completely transform your physical environment to up-level the quality of your life.


  • Your ideal color palette which will include the exact hue you should be using in your space to support and nurture your health and well-being goals.

  • Your ideal design palette. This will include recommendations of shapes, patterns, materials, finishes and textures that are in alignment with your personality and subconscious mind, and encourage positive behaviors and habits.

  • A detailed description of how to exactly use your color and design palette in ways that it will enhance the psychology of your space and reduce overwhelm and anxiety. For example, what color will the walls be painted. The color of the curtains, bed, bedding ... etc. If you should be using rounded shape furniture or clean square corners resonate better with your personality.

  • A concept board with extensive examples for you to better understand the above provided recommendations.

  • Drafted floor plan of the perfect layout of your room so it's in alignment with your subconscious mind.

  • "10 Things to Tackle Now" checklist - This is a list of 10 things you need to address immediately if you decide that the rest you want to tackle slowly over a period of time.

  • A list of items required for a fully and properly furnished and finished space.

  • A clickable shopping list for up to 10 items for your room.

  • A detailed video recording explaining every element of your new space and how to use each recommendation.

  • One month concierge (4 video calls). Every week we will hop on a video call to discuss your progress and hold you accountable to get the project done on time so you can start experiencing the change you want.

  • A 90 min video styling session, once you have sourced all your new items.


  • We hop on a 90 min Zoom video call

  • A deep dive consultation to understand who you truly are as a person and uncovering your true personality type.

  • Next we focus on the purpose and function of your space. You tell me what you want to change in your life by changing your space? How you desire to feel and most importantly behave in your space? We talk about people using the space and how it is used? What activities and actions are performed? Your biggest boldest dream for your space and wellbeing?

  • Next you send me photographs and a quick video of your space, along with accurate measurements. (Instructions will be provided on how to take photographs and measurements.)

  • No later than 7 days of receiving the photographs, I will deliver your "The Color Transformation" packet in pdf, along with a detailed instructional video and a link to my calendar.

  • After receiving the packet you will schedule a call no later than 7 days to go over the color and design psychology recommendations and answer all questions that have come up for you.

  • Now you're all set to implement the transformation.

  • We will schedule 4 more video calls and meet once a week to discuss process, eliminate hurdles and hold you accountable. This is literally me holding your hand through this transformational journey.

  • Once all your new items have arrived we will hop on a 90nmin video call to style your space. This is to make sure that you room looks visually appealing in terms of layout and accessory styling and every element is in alignment with your subconscious mind.

The Color Revolution is Perfect For You If ……………

You Don't Enjoy Shopping

You find shopping overwhelming and would prefer to just click on a link to invest in that perfect piece.

Don't Have an Eye For Design

If you feel that all your styling looks more like clutter and chaos rather than being visually appealing.

You'd Like a Companion Through Your Transformation Journey

You keep jumping from project to project and never finish anything OR you'h love to have someone along side to discuss every bit of your transformation so they can cheer you and hold you accountable.

NOTE: This consultation is only for one room. If you are looking to do additional rooms or a whole house please contact below. This is not a done for your service.


Not Sure If This is For you ?

Let's hop on a quick 20 min call



You have paid for my time so I can’t provide a refund if for some reason you move or something changes before you can implement my recommendations. 


But, I want you to be happy, so if you have any concerns about the recommendations, I ask that you share them with me along with photos of the implemented work, within the first 14 days and give me the opportunity to tweak the advice before you reject them outright.


IMORTANT: To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request with photographs of your implemented work by 11:59 pm EST on the 14th day from the day you recieved the recommendations video and you allow up to 3 adjustments to the initial recommendation.


To be clear, if you do not include proof of your implemented work within the 14 day period, no refund will be issued.



One final note:

When you get interior color consultation advice from me, I AM NOT GUESSING. Therefore I will not be asking you questions like “What do you think?” What I do is use the principals of color and design psychology and the information provided by you, to find the perfect color solution to support your emotions, behaviors and purpose.

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