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- THE STYLE MATTERS PODCAST : How To Apply Color Psychology To Our Homes

- HEART 2 TALK : Color Conscious Living with Mehnaz Khan

- MY SIMPLIFIED LIFE : Using Color with Intention in Your Home & Business with Mehnaz Khan

- RAISE TO RISE : Enhancing Your Home Environment for Kids

- 29 MINUTE MOM PODCAST : Use Behavioral Color Psychology in Your Home

- GRIEVING MOMS PODCAST : Using Colors with Mehnaz Khan

- IGNITE YOUR SPARK with KIM SELBY : Ignite Your Spark with Color & Mehnaz Khan

- BLOOMING - A Healthy Home by Design Podcast: Reducing Anxiety in the Home Environment

- GIRL MEANS BUSINESS: Color Psychology with Mehnaz Khan

- FEARLESS FEMINIE LEADERSHIP : Color Psychology with guest Mehnaz Khan

- RAISE TO RISE : Colorful Conscious Chat with Mehnaz Khan

- HEART 2 TALK : Color Psychoology with Mehnaz Khan

- CRAFTED TO THRIVE PODCAST : How Colors Affect Your Mindset in Life and Business

- THE GOOD GROW GREAT : Listen to this if you want to sleep better and crush work while living with balance - Color Psychology and Brain Chemistry

- EMPOWERED WORTH - Worthy Wisdom for Women : Color Your Life with Mehnaz Khan

- HOW SHE CREATES - Color Psychology with Mehnaz Khan

- HERE AT HOME : The Podcast - Busting 5 Color Myths

- HEALTHY HOME HACKS with Ron & Lisa: How Your Home's Colors Affect Your Well-Being

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