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CONFESSION: I Didn’t Always Have My Life Together

There was a time when I was suffering from seasonal depression, baby blues and low self-worth.

These stressors impacted by emotional and mental well-being, which impacted my physical health, my relationship with my spouse, the way I showed up as a parent and my productivity. I always felt sick and anxious and unable to reach my goals.

And every time I went to the doctor, the doctor would get bloodwork and tests done on me and everything came out fine. There weren't any issues internally.

Interesting isn’t it?

I felt sick but there was nothing wrong.

I came to a point where my doctor announced that I had sever depression and she decided to put me on anti-depressants. I had tried every possible thing so thought that may be this was the best route.

Can you guess what happened next?

It was the worst nightmare of my life.

That first week of anti-depressants was the worst week of my life. My husband and I never forget it. I was in bed for a whole week! Yes! You read that right.

I Couldn’t even provide for my kids. My mom had to fly over to help. I realized that I had made a mistake. Anti-depressants weren’t the solution for me. They were only masking away the problem and if I continued like this, my marriage would fall apart.

I made a decision to not rely on medication. And honestly I had so much sensitivity to the medication that it wasn't even a choice for me. They just didn’t work for me. So I cleared my system off the anti-depressants and decided to depend on will-power and motivation.

Now this wasn't either the best route, because we all know that will-power and motivation can only take us so far.

Lucky for me that around this time I had my light-bulb moment. Yes that metaphorical light bulb that goes in your head. I was shown the light by the universe.

I encountered a simple fact that shook me. And by researching and diving deep into this fact, what I learned changed my life!!

This is exactly why I do what I do today. I know I’m not the only one who went through this roller coaster of emotions and mental triggers. Every day I see so many women at the same spot where I was.

In the video below I had the opportunity to sit down with Politician and Motivational Speaker Sharique Javaid and share the three key things that I learned that drastically changed my life!!

I know that’s a big claim and I don’t take this lightly. In fact I’ll make a bigger claim, these three simple facts can change your life.

They work because they’re facts, no fluff or my personal opinion. It’s just that us human beings have decided to ignore these facts of our life.

So now I invite you to watch this video and take action to transform your wellbeing, health and happiness.

In the comments let me know if you’re ready to transform so I can hold you accountable👍🏻


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