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Ep: 96 My Simplified Life Podcast - Using Color with Intention in Your Home and Business

I hate to break this to you …..

…… but colors are way complicated then what you learned in elementary school.

We are not in elementary school anymore and color is no more about knowing your primary colors and mixing them to create secondary colors, and then putting them altogether in a circle, to choose beautiful color combinations.

Don’t worry, I understand why you would think that picking colors for your home is facile and why you wouldn’t need a professional to assist you. We have been told since childhood that colors are just a personal choice and if you like a color you just use it.

But, let me ask you, would you do the same thing when taking supplements or vitamins for your body? Would you just look at a vitamin and if it looks good, you’ll start taking it? Or would you ask someone on social media to inspire you by recommending what supplements they are taking? Or would follow the latest trends in supplements?

No! You would never do any of that! Because you know that your body has a specific need and you’ll take vitamin that fulfills the need for your body.

Colors work in the same way. What most people don't know is that colors impact human beings at a psychological and emotional level. And just like taking supplements that your body need, you would surround yourself with colors that emotionally support your wellbeing, health and happiness.

If you are curious to learn more about how colors impact you and what is the right way to choosing colors for your home, I invite you take a listen to Episode 96 of the My Simplified Life podcast.

In this conversation , we’re peeling the layers to understand the true power of colors.

Were you bonkers about a color in your teenage years? Share all about it in the comments.


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