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Are you ready to create a home that not only looks good but is healing??

A home that improves your wellbeing??

Brings you joy??

Imagine a home that not only functions well but improves relationships among the family members. An environment that is calming and stress free.

5 years ago, I took the leap to transform my home to bring more calm into my life. It makes such a difference when you have a healthy home. My overall health improved and my productivity increased. And when you, the mom, feels great, your attitude with your family is better and that energy is contagious and the entire family feels better.

It had such a deep impact on our health and happiness that I need to share it with you and give you the techniques to create a tranquil and happy home.

Therefore, I collaborated with Australian Holistic Interior Designer Sherri Smith and did this IG LIVE to share how we create calmness and eliminate stress in the living room and entryway of our homes.

In this video, we talk about

  • How physical clutter affects our mental health and can make us loose calm very easily.

  • How important it is to stay organized and clutter-free even when you have little children in the house.

  • Decor ideas that are kid-friendly and make a bigger impact.

  • The best plants to have in your living space, easy to maintain and help clean the air in your house.

  • Essential oils that you should be diffusing in your living room.

  • The best colors for your living room that are calming and soothing.

  • Color ideas for your entry way.

Also in this video you will see my real life; a mom working with kids around ;)

Leave us a comment if you have tried any of these tips and how did it make you feel? If you have any other suggestions, leave them down below so some other mom can benefit from them.

Visit Sherri Smith's blog here to learn more about Holistic Interior Design

P.S. If you are looking to make your space feel bigger and brighter, then read here for some ideas to create that illusion.


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