One Room Challenge - Foyer Week Two

The moment you've been waiting for!

The mood board for my foyer which I'm transforming for the One Room Challenge Spring 2022 is here!

Last week I shared that my goal is to turn this foyer into a mini art gallery, where not only can I display my work but when guests come they don't just take their shoes off and cruise to the living room but spend a few minutes soaking the art and feeling a change of emotions.

As soon as our front door closes, I want people to forget the stress of their everyday life and be transformed into a different world. You can check the current situation of the foyer here and listen to a detail of my plans.


If you notice every piece selected in the mood board is a sculpture in it self. To create that shift in feeling and emotions, the focus here is on color, texture, shape and form.


For the walls I have selected Benjamin Moore's Chantily Lace. It's a crisp cool white and will become the backdrop for the gallery. In this foyer all noise is going to be made by the artwork and sculptures and the walls are going to remain silent.

To understand this concept, think about 5 people in a room talking at the same time. In such a situation everyone will become unintelligible and will only create noise.

When selecting colors, I use the principals of color psychology. Using color psychology helps create the feelings, emotions and behaviors a person wants to experience in a room. According to color psychology, some colors in harmony will create pleasing music, while in other situations it can be important to mute some colors and let others create commotion.


Sometimes when walls are painted white they can fall flat. To eliminate that, I'm adding a trim. Trim will add depth and character to the room.

I have selected a wide trim with lots of details. This particular trim reminds me of the interiors shown in Emily in Paris.

The trim will be painted the same color as the walls but in a high gloss finish. A high-gloss on the trim, molding and baseboards will make them pop out, add more depth and bounce light around.


Our first floor ceiling height is only 9 feet. To create the illusion that the ceilings are higher I had to do something that would take the eye up. That's where the wallpaper came in.

This particular wallpaper will create enough interest without taking from the artwork. The white background and only two colors in the paper helps with that.

The other reason I selected this particular paper is because of the Islamic geometric pattern. It is a Martyn Lawrence Bullard wall covering created for Schumacher inspired by a carved marble jail window in Jaipur. Since I myself have created many paintings with Islamic geometric patterns, some of which will also make an appearance in this gallery, selecting this paper was a no brainer.

I might also add that white and gold together create some sort of magic!

Console Table

This foyer is a good size to handle a small round console table without disrupting traffic patterns. In fact the round table works perfect for the art gallery as it stops everyone from just passing through. It will force to pause and take a close look at the paintings.

For reference the foyer is 9' by 13' and the table I have selected is 30" in diameter.

The first time I saw this table on CB2 I instantly knew that it will work in this space but it was offered only in the gray color. I wished so hard that it would come in a black and white marble and after a few months CB2 made it happen.


This oversized flush mount from Circa Lighting is a sculpture in itself. The best pieces are the ones that are functional and add interest to the room

During the built process I already got wall washers installed with the builder to highlight the paintings on the walls


I chose a hide rug for its shape, to break down the hard edges of all the frames

Other Pieces

I also want to mix a mirror in this art gallery to help bounce back light. I still haven't found the one that has enough character and is the right price.

Another piece I'm hunting for is an upholstered ottoman which I want to cover in a burgundy fabric from Thibut, so that guests have a spot to sit down to take there shoes off. The search is on.

So that's the plan1. The carpenter is already here this week and some work is starting. I'll be sharing all that next week. Cant wait to see this place turn into an art gallery and surround myself with all my work rather than it being packed in storage.

You too can shop for your home the pieces I have selected just by clicking here!!

Let me know in the comments which piece is your favorite?

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