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interior design services in the capital region NY

Artwork that brings instant color and life to your room.


The subject and color palette has been strategically chosen to make you feel light, airy, bright and welcoming !!


Your subconscious mind is affected by your surroundings.


Warm colors are known to make a space inviting and it’s something you want your home to make you feel since you spend so much time in there. Muting down the pink to a softer shade is all about adding light. Soft textures are calming. White is bright. And that unexpected pop of Magenta is energizing.


Bright blooming flowers are known to reduce anxiety and bring a smile on your space.


- 18 by 18 inches

- archival quality oil paints

- 3/4 inch birch wood panel

- finished sides

- sealed to protect from UV rays

- ready to hang

- can be framed



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