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What if I buy a green sofa, & two years later, I'm bored of it?

Everyday I have homeowners telling me that they desperately want to buy a blue, green or pink sofa, but they are scared!

The fear is - “What if I get bored of the sofa in a couple of years?”

“And then, I would have had made a very expensive mistake.”

“I can’t replace a $4000 sofa every two years!”


And therefore, you play it safe and opt for a boring neutral sofa.


By doing so, not only did you make a compromise to avoid an expensive mistake, but you deprived yourself of the joy and fun that colors bring.


Being stuck in this rut of "playing it safe", you eventually end up with neutral walls, furnishings, fabrics and accessories. Before you realize it, your home has turned into a Pottery Barn store that has no interest and personality.


Rather than your home being a reflection of your personality, ends up looking like every other home on the block.


I totally agree, you'll get tired of that sofa very soon if you make a decision based on in a adequate reason such as "it looks good" or maybe "it is the latest trend".


But, you'll never get tired of that sofa if you make a conscious decision, such as choosing the color because of it's positive psychological impact on your health, happiness and wellbeing.


In fact you’ll never get bored of any color in your home if it is a mindful decision.

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Why it's not worth playing safe & depriving yourself of color in your home ?

How do you feel on a cold winter day when everything is buried in snow and the sky is so cloudy that the sun is struggling to shine through?


The natural reaction is hibernation. You struggle to come out of the covers. You slow down and feel sluggish. You procrastinate to get things done. The energy and the vibe is all low.


That is exactly how you feel when you live in a home that has everything neutral.


On the other hand, when spring arrives, when the flowers begin to bloom, the sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping, ever noticed how your energy, mental health and physical behavior changes?


That is exactly the change your will create in your life by changing your physical space aka your home.

interior design services in the capital region NY

Colors have an innate power to change human behavior, feelings and emotions.

Using Psychology to create color palettes and transform homes

If you don’t know how to make a conscious color decision, don't worry, because Color Conscious Living is here to help.


I can help you choose colors for your home that will make you feel incredible; not ones that just look good.

I can help you put together color palettes that sing in harmony; not ones that jar and look like a hodgepodge.

interior design services in the capital region NY

Amruta Ram, Founder - Mumma Diaries

I have not seen anyone like Mehnaz in the digital space and the concepts she teaches are truly life-transforming! Honestly this is knowledge that you cannot get through google. She is committed to taking her clients from point A to B through a fascinating journey.

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Annette Mariel, Holistic Nutrition Consultant 

Mehnaz is top notch and has the experience in this topic. I have not met anyone who can compare to her level of expertise when it comes to creating calm spaces. Before I worked with Mehnaz, I barely used color in my home and now the way I view color and use it in my house has completely changed!


I’m not afraid to use color in my home any more!!

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Gozen Soydag, Relationship & Empowerment Coach

I was thriving in areas such as health, in building my self spiritually, mentally and intellectually, but my environment was lacking points. It did not represent the person I had become. And unless you’re winning in all areas, you’re not going to kind of be winning in any area. So I started working with Mehnaz to give my space the right attention.


Working with Mehnaz has given me a new level of awareness about colors and my space. I did not know that the bulky furniture in my room and the mirrors reflecting my bed were stimulating my mind in a negative way. I have become so aware of the little aspects that you don’t usually think of in a room but they affect a person deeply.

interior design services in the capital region NY

I have spent way too many hours on the internet and I’m tired of people suggesting what they like and what works for them.
This is not a one-size-fit-all approach.

What Makes "Color Conscious Living" Different?

The one thing that separates Color Conscious Living from any other Interior Design Studio is that every action taken during the design process is based on Consciousness.

Whether I’m choosing colors for your sleep-inducing bedroom, or figuring out the perfect layout for your home office that boosts productivity or enhancing your foyer with wallpaper - you’ll find that there is logic and psychology behind every decision.

At Color Conscious Living, we don’t run behind looks. It is the feeling and emotions that matter. You will never be told “paint your walls a soft blue because it looks stunning”. Stunning does NOTING for your well-being my friend.

My mission here is to improve the psychology of your environment to change the out come of your life.


This website is not about the latest trends. 

Nor about my personal style recommendations or fluff design techniques. 


We’re all unique human beings and what works for me will not necessarily work for you. So it is essential to uncover your unique traits and personality type and what will work for your unique needs and life style. 

Where To Start Your Journey

If you’re itching to add color to your home and elevate the interior design of your space so that your home can enhance your health, happiness and relationship, I’ve got just the thing for you.


Book a 20 min complementary call with me and find out how changing the color and design of your home can transform yourlife.

I had never given any thought before to how I wanted to feel in my space and that my environment could have such an impact on my personal wellness.


Talking with Mehnaz was a light bulb moment for me and really got me thinking about how my space can be hindering my wellbeing.

interior design services in the capital region NY

Executive Director of Development

Nova Scotia,  Canada

interior design services in the capital region NY

P.S. You Must Be Thinking to Your-Self  “If colors are so powerful, why isn't there more awareness about this out there??”

Let me in you a secret my friend. Marketers and trends don’t want you to know about the true power of colors!!


Well, you see, brands make a ton of money releasing a new trendy or seasonal color every few months. And if you learn about the significance of colors and their impact on your emotions and psychology, you’ll stop buying into every changing color and decor trends. And that will impact the profits big giants make.


Also let me share with you that the marketers and brands are always using color psychology to manipulate your buying behaviors. Ever thought why do you get attracted to every new thing on the market? The shiny object syndrome is a thing my friend.


But things are about to change for you. You’ve out smarted the trends and you’re learning how to use color and design psychology to your benefit!!

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