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Style Matters Podcast - How to Apply Color Psychology to Our Homes

I had the opportunity to sit down with Zandra Zurva host of “The Style Matters” podcast and “The Little Yellow Couch” blog and share all about the impact of colors on your behavior and emotions on an everyday basis.

In this episode, I share

  • My very personal reason to get into the world of design and color

  • How I struggled as a new mom and how any new mom feels guilty if she is struggling.

  • Everything in your environment is data for your subconscious brain.

  • Why you should work with a color psychology specialist.

  • No no to Pinterest boards

  • There’s a shade of yellow for everyone

  • Why you’re stuck in the rut of “it goes with everything”

  • The psychology of color in your kitchen.

  • Do not reinvent the wheel, nature has the answers to all your color questions.

This episode is loaded with information.

One thing I can tell you, by the end of this episode your perspective and the way you see colors will totally change and you’ll be itching to bring color into your home.


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