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BEFORE & AFTER - A Hallway Makeover

As an interior decorator, I find myself in many homes, and the most consistently overlooked space I see is always the hallway.

People tend to perceive hallways as mere passageways, assuming that since little time is spent there, there's no need for decoration.

I would argue the opposite; even though you don't sit down in a hallway with a captivating book, those few seconds passing through, leaves a lasting impact. The emotional impact lingers far beyond the moments spent passing through.

Don't take my word for it—try it yourself. When you make your hallway a more welcoming space, you’ll notice the positive impact it leaves on you.

Today, I'm sharing how I injected personality and fun into a once boring and lackluster hallway.

All-white and bland hallway

Here are three simple tips that can easily transform any hallway lacking architectural details and character.


Just as you would use wallpaper in your living or dining room to make a bold statement and add warmth, the same magic can be worked in an empty hallway.

This formerly all-white and bland hallway, visible from the living room, impacted the overall design. To remedy this, I opted for statement-making chinoiserie wallpaper depicting flowers, vines, and birds.

The goal was to create a wow moment. This is a moment that encourages you to slow down and take in all the positive emotions.

You might think hallways are small spaces, and thus, small patterns are ideal. In fact, I urge you to do the opposite. Go big and bold, as this will help create depth, opening up your small space.


As you can see, there are three doors opening into this hallway. Instead of seeing this as a bad feature, I used it to my advantage to further add depth and personality to this small space.

By painting the doors a contrasting color from the wallpaper, I enhanced the character of this previously neglected hallway.

Oftentimes, a white door can be a missed opportunity.


To add the illusion of greater depth, I included wall decor over the wallpaper.

Choose wall decor that complements the pattern on your paper and doesn't clash. In this hallway, ceramic sculptures were selected for their 3D effect; the silhouette, texture, and color contrast with the busy pattern of the paper.

Remember, your wallpaper is art itself, so you don't need excessive artwork; just enough to add dimension to the hallway.

If you prefer a pattern-free hallway, consider creating a striking gallery wall.

Don't forget the small details, such as your light switches

You can choose to apply all three design techniques to your own hallways or just pick one. The goal is to create a moment that feels good and adds depth.

Tell me in the comments which technique would you love to use to enhance your hallways?

I understand that hallways can be more challenging to decorate, so if you have a bland all-white hallway and can't decide how to spruce it up, I'm here to help.


Jan 23

This is superb transformation. I really loved the wallpaper and the details. Honestly it looks as if the hallway has came to life. Brilliant.

Mehnaz Khan
Mehnaz Khan
Jan 25
Replying to

It definitely did come to life. It's always the little things, but the impact is huge


Jan 23

This looks amazing!! I love it

Mehnaz Khan
Mehnaz Khan
Jan 23
Replying to

Thanks so much. Hope you find some ideas to use in your own space

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