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How To Decorate For Winter: 5 tips to transform your home

Redfin, a renowned national real estate company, reached out to include my expert insights in their article on how homeowners and renters can integrate winter decorations (outside of holiday decor).

Before we delve into decorating, let me ask you - do you ever find yourself saying at 4:30 pm (during the colder months) that you’re done for the day?

Feeling lethargic and shortening the productive day is the hardest part of the season of hibernation. Ever wonder what causes this change in your behavior?

It’s the change in environment that causes seasonal depression or winter blues.

And what is that changes in the environment, you ask?

The infrequent visits of Mr. Golden Sun and the lack of colors. Both of these elements keep you happy and uplift your mood (as evident from human behavior in spring and summer). So when decorating your home during winter, think about what’s missing and how you can supplement it.

Here’s my unconventional suggestion - take a departure from the muted and bland tones associated with winter decorating and emphasize on adding lively and vibrant colors to your home to combat the winter blues.

Color, beyond its visual allure, possesses the transformative ability to influence emotions, moods, and behaviors.

One of the most impactful changes you can make is not in the pillows or rugs but in switching out your drapery for the season. Swap those lightweight and airy spring/summer window treatments for thicker fabrics with lively and colorful patterns.

Why does this make such a difference?

It's about the vertical surfaces. Anything placed vertically holds more visual weight, catching your eye at eye level. The vibrant patterns on your drapery will significantly uplift your mood, and the thicker fabric provides effective insulation against the winter chill.

WIndow treatment for winter

Woven jacquard curtains in celery green. Credits @ColorConsciousLiving

For more expert recommendations on how to decorate your home for winter, check out this article by Redfin, 'How to Decorate for Winter: 5 Tips to Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland.'


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