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COLOR PSYCHOLOGY - Use Color to Positively Impact your Feelings and Emotions

Recently I had the honor to be featured as a guest speaker on “The Healthy Home Design” podcast and talk about my favorite topic, Color Psychology and how you can use color intentionally in your home to improve your happiness and well-being.

Yes, color has the power to affect your feelings, mood, emotions and even behavior!!

If you are curious to know what Color Psychology is and how colors actually trigger emotions in your mind and body, this episode is a must listen.

In this episode, I share

* How color is at the heart of creating a healthy home

* Why Facebook is blue

* The fast-food industry uses a lot of red (for examples McDonalds)

* Why people spend hours and hours inside a Starbucks coffee shop and how color helps the coffee shop make more sales

* How you can take cues from mother nature to understand color in your everyday life

* Your favorite color is not just a random choice and there is a reason behind it

* Why it’s not such a great idea to surround yourself with all “neutrals”

* How your environment has an affect on your subconscious mind

* How painting your walls is not the only way to add color to your space

and so much more ………..

This episode is loaded with information.

One thing I can tell you, by the end of this episode your perspective and the way you see colors will totally change.

Be ready to embrace color in it’s entirety.

Come back and share with me your Aaha moment in the comments below.

About “The Healthy Home Design” podcast

The Healthy Home Design podcast is all about the importance of living in a healthy and sustainable home.

This podcast is my favorite. If you, like me, want to create a healthy home, then make sure you subscribe to the podcast.

Kate Hamblet, the founder of the Healthy Home Design podcast is a licensed architect, who is passionate about helping health conscious families, just like yours, create homes that will enhance their health, happiness and longevity.

To learn more about Kate and her amazing work, visit her blog here.

P.S. If blue is your favorite color, then make sure to checkout this post - All about the Psychology of Blue


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