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What Does It Mean To 'Live Consciously'

Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by the amazing Theresa Cesare on the Heart 2 Talk podcast.

The first question she asked me was "What is Color Conscious Living?"

I'll tell you what Color Conscious Living is NOT!

Color Conscious Living is not about designing a home that is based on trends.

It's not about creating spaces that are stunning and wowing but do nothing for the residents well-being and health.

It's not about changing your home decor every season.

It's not about painting your walls with the color-of-the-year every year.

Color Conscious Living is about being intentional and mindful with every color and decor you bring into your home. Understanding the meaning and the impact of every element on your wellbeing before making an investment.

It's about creating an interior that positively impacts you at a psychological and emotional level and makes it easy for you to achieve your life goals.

In the world we live today, where we are forced to spend more time in our home, it has become way more important to create a space that is nurturing and supporting.

Now if you are wondering why does one need a nurturing and supporting home?

Well because, research shows us that the interiors of our home impact our behaviors, mood, thoughts and attitude.

So by crafting a conscious home, you can eliminate discomfort and anxiety, enhance your productivity, improve your relationship with your spouse and even boost the quality of your sleep.

For tips on how you can start consciously designing the spaces in your home, listen to the episode below:

In the comments, do share with me what is your biggest hurdle, when it comes to creating calm and restful spaces at home?


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